Service and Maintenance

service and maintenance

If your A/C is not working, the first thing we need to do is an inspection. Mojave A/C does a complete diagnosis on your air conditioning system. This way we can determine what option would be best for you. You could need just a simple fix, an A/C tune-up, duct work, or it may be time for a new A/C unit altogether. There are advantages and disadvantages to each so we will discuss your options and let YOU make the decision that would be best for your home.

Maintaining your unit on a seasonal basis is essential for its performance. We perform a 29-point inspection to ensure that your unit is functioning properly. This way you can rest assured that your A/C unit will excel throughout our hot Las Vegas climate.

  • Preventative maintenance at: $59
  • Service calls at: $89
  • A/C unit replacement starting at $1,900