Three Ways to Survive the Summer

Swimming Pool
May 30, 2017

The summer heat is upon us and you are probably already wishing for October. While the next few months will require some changes (running indoors instead of outside, walking your dogs at unholy hours to avoid the sun, incorporating ice cream into your daily diet - okay that part isn't so bad), summer in the desert doesn't have to be too terribly unpleasant. Here are a few tips to keep your home cool throughout the coming months while still leaving enough money in your pocket to go buy that cute bathing suit you've been eyeing. 

Cook outside

The summer season is full of wonderful reasons to BBQ or grill (depending on what coast you came from) your dinner. While our nation's independence is a great excuse to have a backyard BBQ, it's not the only one. How about celebrating "I don't want to heat my house up by turning on the oven in the middle of the summer" Day? It might need a catchier name, but cooking outside prevents the inside of your home from heating up inside and keeps your air conditioner from working overtime to keep you cool.

Take advantage of your windows

Never underestimate the power of a nice breeze. When the temperature drops down at night, open the windows and allow fresh (slightly cooler) air to circulate throughout your home. Turn off your AC and leave it off until the morning. During the day, close your windows and utilize window coverings to keep the hot air and the sun’s rays outside.

Enjoy the dark

You don't have to sit in pitch black, but realize that lighting (especially incandescent lights) can heat your home when they are on. You can install more efficient lighting, purchase ENERGY STAR lighting products, and turn off lights whenever possible. Limit your use of other heat producing appliances as well. This can include dishwashers, computers, hair dryers, etc.

Summertime should be filled with laughing children, meals served poolside, and ice cream by the oodles. Stay cool this season by grilling outdoors, using your windows, and powering down the electronics whenever possible. To make sure that your Air Conditioning system is ready to support your summer, call Mojave Air Conditioning for a professional check-up.