Where Did that Dust Come From?

Dust Bunnies
April 11, 2017

Now that we've set the clocks back an hour and there is hope of warmth in the air, there are two words on every homeowner's lips... Spring Cleaning!

If you are a wizard’s apprentice, your mops and feather dusters are now roaming about the house on their own, sprucing up the place while you sit back and watch reality television. If you're like the rest of us, you actually have to do the spring cleaning. You want to get your cleaning done as quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Open the windows.
  • No matter how natural you choose to go with your cleaning supplies (the less chemicals, the better), cleaning fluid can be overpowering. Having the windows open ensures that toxic fumes don't build up and that your essential oils don't harm your delicate nasal passages.
  • Having the window open also helps to bring in fresh air while you displace dust during cleaning.
  • When dusting, remember to start from the top and work your way down.
  • Have you ever cleaned an entire room, only to realize that you forgot to dust on top of the bookshelf? Now you've just undone everything you worked so hard for! Always start from the highest point and clean your way down. Most importantly, don't forget the ceiling fans! You may not realize how dirty they can get, but they also throw it around the room every time you turn your fan on. Take a damp cloth to the fan blades and wipe off the "furriness" before you spray anything on them. Then (and not before) you can change the bedding or whatever happens to be under your fan.
  • Room doesn't have ceiling fans? There may still be exhaust fans where the same rules apply. Clean them first, wipe them down before you spray anything on them, and if you ever see any debris or signs of damage on your exhaust fans, call a certified technician at Mojave Air Conditioning to ensure that your system is working properly and safely.