Where Did those Bugs Come From

Termites on the move
May 2, 2017

From creepy crawly to the icky flying ones, you might see an influx of insects during certain times of the year. As the weather gets colder, bugs might seek refuge and warmth in your home (you can't really blame them), and in the summer they might be stopping by for an iced tea and a little protection from the sun.

No matter what season, insects are not welcome in the home (sorry, guys). There are a few ways that these unpleasant house guests come in.

Knowing how they enter is the first step to making sure that they don't!

A pest control specialist can educate you about the types of bugs common to your area and then review your home for possible entry points.  They can also schedule preventative spraying to create a barrier around your home.

If the bugs are making it in through the HVAC system, a qualified technician from Mojave Air Conditioning can fit vents with protective screens. They may also find cracks and openings that are allowing insects clearance to your home.

Control the moisture in your home.

Almost every creepy crawly must rely on water to live. If you have any standing water in or around your home, it may attract insects and offer them the perfect environment to thrive. Not often an issue in Las Vegas, however if your home IS damp in any areas, a dehumidifier can decrease the moisture in the air.

Check your ductwork.

Materials don't last forever and duct tape, amazing as it is, is no exception. Pests can find their way in to ductwork when the tape is degraded. If you see any open areas, make sure to reseal your ducts.

Have an HVAC technician perform routine maintenance.

When you have a technician from Mojave Air Conditioning inspect and maintain your home, they can spot any signs of infestation before you see the first bug. They will make sure that all entry points are closed up and ensure that your home stays insect free!

Obvious though it may be, invest in a screen door and proper screens for your windows. Sealing your HVAC system and keeping your home at the proper level of humidity is important, but it won't keep bugs from marching in through open doors, windows, or torn screens. To truly be bug proof, you must approach your home from multiple angles.